“Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes, uncertain. People, irrational.”

This is the opening line of the blurb of my debut, A Way Back Into Love. I have received numerous compliments from friends, readers and fans on this line. Some have even said that the opening line of the blurb is so beautiful that the story feels this big compared to it. But, let me tell you a secret. I didn’t come up with this line.

The line is a quote actually, that I read online a long while back. I’m a quote-junkie; I love reading beautiful quotes about love, life and friendship online. I was doing my regular research on quotes when I chanced upon this particular one. And I immediately fell in love with it. And then I thought, “This fits my book so well. Why not use it in the blurb?”

If you’re particularly observant, keen and perceptive, and if you read the quote carefully a few times, you’ll get an idea of what my book is about. Relationships are very volatile, in my opinion. A simple mistake, a single wrong step can change a relationship forever. That’s what I have tried to portray in my debut novel. How life is never perfect and how the most unexpected thing can change your life forever. People are irrational, outcomes are uncertain. Sometimes, we unknowingly make the biggest mistakes of our lives. We might not even realize what a grave mistake we are making at the time. But its impact shows later and it can be life-altering.

One of my friends says, nothing is casual in life. Everything becomes a serious issue at some point or the other. So very true. What we might think of as a simple, small, silly little thing might have huge, irrevocable consequences. As I said before, relationships are the most volatile things. No one can predict what might make or break a relation. They are never predictable.

What I believe is, to avoid making these small mistakes in life, the ones people often overlook but end up regretting later, there should be no unspoken words in life. No words left unsaid. No secrets, no lies. You should always speak your mind, even if it’s a bad thing. Some things cannot be said to people because it’s considered impolite. But what I do at those times is mumble those words to myself in a corner. People might think I’m crazy, but it’s a good way to process feelings of anger and frustration. I have found that once I’ve said my thoughts out aloud to myself, let out all my pent-up anger and frustration regarding other people, I feel calmer and find it easier to forgive them, to let go. You should always get those kinds of things out. It’s cathartic. Do it.

And never go to bed mad at someone you love. I’ve learnt this the hard way. I’ve lost a lot in life. Don’t take things for granted. Don’t think that the person will be there when you wake up next morning. Because they might not be. Life is unpredictable. Grab onto the little moments of life for dear life. Let out all your feelings all day and let go of them at the end of the day. Make up before going to bed. That’s the best way to live life. Simple, honest. Makes life a little easier. Who we kidding? There’s nothing easy about life. But, oh well….We can at least try.

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